When I decided to look into hair replacement as an option, I saw advertisements from Hair Club of Louisville and decided to try them. I was quoted $4,300 for 6 months. After the initial 6 months, I had to enroll in Hair Club's Gold program in order to receive the same type of unit I had for the first 6 months, a lace unit that looked and felt better. The Gold program was $395 per month for 6 units per year even though I only wanted 4. Plus Hair Club wanted me to come in every 3 weeks and the adhesive did not last that long. Hair Club is a RIP off. At Apollo of Louisville, there is no huge payment up front. I am currently on a 4 unit a year program for well less than half of what Hair Club was charging me and I can choose any type of unit I want. Apollo also does a better job of blending the unit to your current hair. My wife certainly noticed a difference. Apollo is a family owned business and their office is not a clinic environment like Hair Club. For the price and quality of service Apollo of Louisville is the clear choice.

Jeff D.


I am currently an Apollo client. I was a client at HC for almost 2 decades. I thought I was at the end all be all of hair replacement based on what I had heard from the people at HC. I was disappointed after HC went through a lot of changes and a lot of employee turnover and thought I should look around. THANK GOD I did.  I have been with Apollo for over a year and I can't describe how much happier I am. Not only does my hair look so much better, my color is so perfect and looks so natural. I am paying a 3rd of what I was paying at HC who wanted $4000 just to get me started for 6 months. But after my first 6 months, they hammered me, constantly asking me for more money to upgrade. As I said, I thought I had the best so I did what was asked. 

Now, at Apollo, I know exactly what I am getting and how much I will pay. They are so fair. Let's get real though, the money is important but the hair and the look and feel  is what it's really about. My hair is so much more natural looking now and I have never felt so much like I'm NOT WEARING ANYTHING! Mandy is so talented and makes us look and feel awesome. My hair is sooo much better for so much less.



I had worn a hair replacement system in my thirties. Now, approaching sixty I was overwhelmed with the new technology which is incredible. I was blessed to find Mandy and I drive over 2 hours to see her every month. She not only made the process easy, but customized the product for my active lifestyle. If you're looking for the BEST RESULTS, I would recommend Apollo of Louisville.

Roger Wyatt


My experience with my hair unit has been so wonderful that my only regret is not doing it earlier.
It looks and feels 100% natural. I run and play sports in it with zero problem.
If you have ever considered a hair replacement unit, I cannot recommend the staff at Apollo enough! They have made the process incredibly easy and have been completely receptive to my needs and concerns. Life is too short to not look the way you want!



Jim Plaisted

Simply the best Apollo location in the eastern US. I have been an Apollo client for 25 years and I drive from Lexington once a month because of the professional service I receive. Mandy is a terrific stylist and only the people that I have told know that my hair isn't mine. Try her out and you will not be disappointed.



Mandy and Chuck are what you're looking for if you need this service. Professionalism and attentive to your needs and concerns. They have and continue to improve the business in all phases and have a lot planned. The service and attention plus quality of this business is AA+++. This is a business that is concerned about their clients. Great service and first-class people are what you will find here. Do not hesitate to stop by or give them a call.


Alex Wine

After researching on the web options for hair loss I gave this a try . After only one session I had better texture and a healthier look . After only 4 sessions I am blown away at how much this has helped overall and has given me confidence back i look and feel amazing, these people are amazing and what they do is not just a service it is a therapy in giving people back happiness and confidence in their life. This is what motivates people to be the best they can be . When you look good you feel good and do good . I couldn't be more ecstatic that I chose to Apollo . I am forever gratefulfor Mandy and Shannon and what these talented women have done for me .


Mike S.

The folks at Apollo of Louisville are friendly and extremely customer focused. If you are thinking of a hair replacement system, Apollo of Louisville is the place to go.


Going to a wig is the best thing I ever did! Mandy is the one that got me started wearing one.  The wig looses very little hair, which is great! Very easy to manage, just comb and go!



Magazine selection sux! Select "guy" magazines, not girlie ones!



The new management of Apollo has been just Super Great! The new items: TV, coffee service, popcorn, updated furniture, etc etc etc are ALL noted and appreciated! Plus email and text messages are FINALLY part of the business! Most importantly and significantly bringing back Shannon has been your best move yet!

Mr. B.


Great Service!!
Great Employees!!
Nothing could be better!!



The only idea that I can think of is keep doing what IS being done! This is the best "Home Feeling" at a place of business that anyone could ask for! More customers will come because you guys are building a great atmosphere and changed this place to be super to come to, unlike what it was before! Great personalities here!!



Mandy and Shannon are awesome. I have been coming here for years and it gets better all the time. These girls rock!!



More rootbeer candy. Make Mikey happy!



Thanks for all the great cuts and hair!



Can we have the services done in the morning hours from 8 to 9 am?